Posted by: Pure Glory | 02/12/2010

Fire of God

by Hazel Straub

The Fire of God of the Lord is burning the dross. Never let the fire of God go out. Pray, worship continually before the throne of God. The holiness of God is a burning fire.

How we treat one another reflects our true worship of God. We need to leave our gift at the altar and reconcile with each other. It is time to turn our hearts towards each other. It is not important how others receive our love but for us to love. May we be known as a people who love without expecting love and acceptance from others. This is the worship that pleases God. It is easy to love someone who believes and acts like you do. It is another thing to show love towards those whose value system is different.

Pray and ask God to soften your heart of stone and to give you his heart for others. Let him burn everything in your heart that is not of him. May we answer the call to show mercy towards those whom we do not approve or like. God has told us to extend mercy, if we are to receive mercy. It begins with those whom we dislike. This is true worship. We become a burning sacrifice on the altar, when we love and are merciful to those with whom we vehemently disagree. Let the holiness of God’s fire burn the dross in your heart.


  1. This is God!!!


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